Our philosophy

It doesn’t matter what your background is: living mindfully, is for everybody. Botanical Voyages takes you on a trip where you finally come home to yourself. We do this with the help of divine crystalgrids, healing smudge sticks and always that personal touch to help you on your journey. Because that is our mission. We want to create a world that leads to self-discovery and growth. This is the online store that gives you what you need on that journey. Welcome. Enjoy your voyage.


Hi, I’m Donna (on the left) and founder of Botanical Voyage! I work as a singer all around the world. I have been blessed to turn my passion into a place where I meet beautiful souls, see great places and transfer my thoughts into sounds. I always bring my crystals and smudge everywhere I go. And Botanical Voyage helps me share that lovely feeling with you! These items help me let my creativity flow. And my mission is to let our items inspire you too!

Hi, I am the other soul behind Botanical Voyage, Lotte (on the right). I started this journey out of a passion, a urge to share beautiful items to support you in your rituals. Selfcare, healing , manifestation are for me guided by items I adore, that bring me joy, that vibrate on a higher level.

I would love to share the knowledge, experience what works for me and let you discover how these can work for you.

I love to start the conversation how we can improve to live more intentional, diving into deeper connection with yourself and everyone around you.