How to use our crystal grid

Boy oh boy am I excited to write about this one. Especially for our Botanical Voyage-ers, we created our very own crystal grids. Get the most out of your manifestation with this Flower of Life Crystal Grid. Printed by us for you on a fine cloth for that earthly look. 


Explanation of the pattern


We used a grid called The Flower of Life. This is a powerful and universal symbol that connects to the energy all around us, and can be used in multiple ways. The oldest known example of the Flower Of Life symbol that we know, brings us back to Ancient Egypt. Wall reliefs in the Temple of Osiris show carvings in the Flower Of Life shape from at least 6,000 years ago. Now that you know the history – back to the present moment.

Why use a grid?


Let me break it down for you. Crystal Grids are very useful. It is a practice that combines crystal energy with geometry. When you place the right crystals in the perfect shape, it will amplify the energy that belongs to it. This will create a beautiful energetic frequency that boosts your intention and will help you manifest your desired outcome.


How to use it: step by step


When I use our crystal grid, I expand it into a bigger ritual. First I smudge the crystal grid, to make sure I start my manifestation and meditation with a fresh energy (to learn more about smudging, click here. to go to our beautiful smudge sticks, click here). Then, I place the crystals in a geometric shape that speaks to me. With every crystal, I thank the item for the energy it holds. Using a grid this way, makes you so much more conscious of the crystal you’re using instead of just holding it in your hand or placing it somewhere in your house. Once I have placed all the crystals, I sit with them for at least ten minutes (but do this as long as you wish).




When I’m done meditating and visualising my intention, I tidy up the grid the same way I started. I start with the crystal on top, and thank it for it’s energy. Then I go down to the second one, and so further. Just notice how grateful and filled up you will feel afterwards. Such a powerful tool, and also a great mindful practice. Enjoy! And let the magic happen.

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