We started our Botanical Voyage, Welcome!

Hello beautiful you! You did it! You landed on the journal page. This post is a very special one, because it marks my first blog post here on Botanical Voyage. So thank you for being part of my celebration moment! Let me introduce myself


Why I started this voyage


My name is Donna Senders and I am one of the two founders of Botanical Voyage. First the boring part: I am 24 years old and live in Rotterdam. Now that that’s over, let’s make it interesting. Since a few years, I work as a singer all around the world. I have been blessed to turn my passion into a place where I meet beautiful souls, see great places and transfer my thoughts into sounds. But then… something happened to all of us. The world stood still. And mine too.


Spiritual safe-space & letting creativity flow


I saw me and a lot of my collegeas in a chokehold. As creative people, we love to express ourself – and now our souls were limited in doing so. I found peace in my spiritual safe space. Since I was a young girl, meditation and mindfullness have always helped me make sense of the energies around me. And now I needed them more than ever. When I talked with my collegeas about this, they were interested – but also didn’t know where to start. Maybe you recognise this, but spiritual webshops can be quite overwhelming if you don’t know where to look! I teamed up with my good friend Lotte who is great in turning visions into reality. And that’s how we came up with Botanical Voyage.


My Botanical Voyage goal


This webshop is place where helpful tools are accessible to everybody with any level of knowledge. Because if you tune inwards, you will find that you know so much already! Sometimes you just need somebody or something to inspire you to start a journey, And this is exactly that place to do that and let the items speak to you. I am so excited to display my favourite items to enhance your inner journey. This is for you. Enjoy your voyage.

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